Intel 320 Series 120GB Sold State Drive is part of Intel’s recently popular 320 series, which is being positioned as a perfect SSD replacement for both laptop and desktop users. Based on Intel’s own NAND, famous for it’s reliability, it’s a great way to experience the speed increase solid state drives provide with built-in data-protection features.

Intel’s own NAND Flash Memory

Intel’s NAND memory is well-known for being extremely reliable. 320 Series is built using 25-nm Intel NAMD memory, so if you’re looking for reliability rather than extreme speed, 320 Series 120GB SSD is a good choice.

Full Disk Encryption

All Intel 320 Series drives come with pre-configured 128-bit AES full-disk encryption capabilities, which along with famed Intel’ reliability make this drive your first choice if security of your data is your top priority.

Features and Specifications

  • Based on 25nm Intel NANMD Flash Memory
  • Random read speeds of 38,000 IOPS and write speeds of 14,000 IOPS
  • Sequential Read performance of 270MB/s and sequential Write performance of 130 MB/s
  • No moving parts result in cool and quite operation with Life Expectancy of 1,2 million hours before failure
  • Intel Data Migration software comes bundled in and allows you to easily clone your OS and files to your new SSD

320 Series is one the most popular Intel solid-state drives. As already mentioned, Intel’s SSDs are famous for their reliability, still, some reviewers have had issues with their drives, which is quite common for any new technology, and Intel replaces the drives no questions asked if needed. The majority of the users, however, are extremely happy with the purchase. As with any drive, be it SSD or HDD, we recommend doing nightly backups to make sure your data is safe.

One thing users keep mentioning is how their multitasking experience improved once they made the switch to this Intel 120GB SSD drive – they can now run virus scam, backup their drive, and still run programs and surf the web without any hiccups. The applications load much faster and the boot times have been cut in half or more.

When choosing a Solid State Drive for your computer ask yourself, what’s more, important for you – speed or reliability. If Reliability is your thing than Intel 320 Series 120GB SSD with it’s Intel’s NAND memory and full disk encryption is the best choice. If Price is more important – you might like our Crucial m4 128GB review. If raw performance is what you need – make sure to check out the OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB review.

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