The word “best” is relative, and it’s based, in the first place, on the user’s own factors with which they judge something as “best” or not, and mostly the price is one of the major “personal” factors. Here I will not speak about these special factors which every one of us has at least one of them. Rather, I will present the factors in a PS4 HDD that contribute to the gaming experience by making it more flexible and enjoyable.

The essential factors you have to consider in your new PS4 hard drive are:

  1. Adequate Speed
  2. Consistent Stability
  3. Extensive Endurance
  4. Sufficient Capacity
  5. Long Warranty

Adequate Speed

Unless it is a solid state drive (SSD), most 2.5-inch hard drives spin at 5400RPM. Basically because this type of hard drive is particularly intended for laptop computers which are, intuitively, portable. Being portable means it is subjected to shock and vibration, and because hard drives employ mechanical parts, they must take extra precautions to resist shock and vibration in the portability environment, and one of these precautions is to reduce the spindle speed down to 5400RPM.

Speaking about this issue in detail will derive us from the main purpose of this article. I just want you to know the reason why all modern 2.5-inch hard drives run at this speed. But just be sure that the high speed of a storage device will only enhance your gaming experience a little, whether it is a PS4, xbox or a PC, and for this reason, we always don’t advise to obtain an SSD for PS4 although many users are inclined to that super-fast drive due to the heaps of hypes around it. Be assured that the only benefit you will get from configuring your PS4 with an SSD is the fast load speed of your game files, and that’s it all. It is just a matter of seconds difference (say 10 seconds max) between the two storage solutions. To me, it’s not worth the extra money you are going to pay for SSD. It’s after all your choice to decide.

Consistent Stability

Being fast and boasting the highest possible speed doesn’t necessarily indicate good performance. Performance is measured by two factors: speed and stability, and if both of them are of high levels, the performance is deemed accordingly “high-end”.

We have already outlined the importance of high speed, and here you’ll learn why stability is as much important. That’s because stability is a guarantee against failure and errors, and it what maintains the hard drive to run flawlessly.

Therefore, beside the cutting-edge speed, you must make sure that the hard drive you are going to buy has a good history record of stability, and this is usually acquired by reading the reviews of those who tested it, more specifically IT professionals who subject this particular drive to laboratory experiment and later, after putting this particular drive through tough tests, publish the resulted metrics to the public.

Extensive Endurance

Something might run fast and stable but just for a short time then it begins to degrade/decline, or, in the worst case, becomes out of action and stops working. Actually this is the exact situation with so many low-quality electronic devices and certainly you’d not like to undergo such a situation, especially if your system handles heavy video games that are of the top-notch which cannot bear a weak and declining device.

You’ll ask then: how to determine this matter? Again you cannot dispense with the verdicts of IT professionals who tested that particular drive and published their results. But a good and STRONG indication of long endurance is the long-term warranty provided with the drive you are going to purchase.

We will address the warranty issue on the fifth and last point, so keep up with reading.

Sufficient Capacity

Capacity is a very important factor that helps you determine which hard drive is best for your gaming world. You must make sure that the hard drive you are buying has more-than-enough rooms for your current games and the ones you plan to buy in the future. Also remember that games are getting bigger and bigger every year, and within 2-4 years what was considered a large game would be small compared with the next generation.

Bear that well in mind. You are not going to use your computer solely for gaming, you have also other files beside games, like videos, photos, audios and so on. The space requirement for those is increasing as well, so do the math correctly and gauge your current and future needs of capacity, and make sure you obtain the right size that will serve you for the period until you replace this drive. If you ask me for an advice, I would advise that you go for the 4TB capacity. It is a so huge space that will serve your needs up to 2 or 3 more years. Otherwise just look at what your budget dictates.

Long Warranty

A long warranty is a strong and vivid indication of the high quality and long endurance of any electronic device. It works just like a proof that this particular commodity is outstanding, and this is exactly the case with hard disk drives (HDD) as well. The manufacturers understand well this fact, and for this reason they fiercely compete in offering the longest warranty for their products. Actually, in the hard drive space, we haven’t seen a longer warranty than 5 years, and they are especially made to be high in endurance to bear the tough conditions in the enterprise environment. So in reality you don’t need that much of strength in a hard drive, and a good consumer-class hard drive which comes with a warranty between 2-3 years and with adequate price may be a bargain for you.

Last Words

There are not many options available in the hard drive space for PS4 & laptop computers if you intend to buy either a 1TB or 2TB capacity drive. In fact, on the whole retail markets you may not find other than those options presented on this article and they actually feature good deals for the purpose they are made for and with anyone you choose make sure you have gone for a great solution for your laptop or PS4.