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Olsa is a brand new business in business that premiered in 2015 but has taken the market by storm with its own high-quality products that keep your workspace tidy and your toolbox arranged.


The business designs hand tools for your health furniture and automotive businesses.


ARES deals in automotive applications for industrial, electrical, automotive, and general resources software.

Best Socket Organizer Pricing

  • Under $20: Products in this range are largely pouch organizers, sole railroad socket holders, and also magnetic socket holders, which can hold a max of 16 sockets. The railings could carry sockets of identical dimensions or outlets of varying dimensions. DIYers generally rely on them for basic residence and garage software.
  • $20 to $40: The collections generally have a holding capacity of 40 sockets and include a durable structure. The majority also includes wall-mounting choices.
  • Above $40: This greater cost range is for superior socket holders portable, corrosion-resistant, and feature a more luxury structure. The socket holders either come as socket trays containers, magnetic holders, or jar inserts. They have a greater holding capacity of approximately 100 sockets of various dimensions.

Key Features


Ability here describes the number of sockets that may be held from the socket organizer. The longer sockets a socket organizer could carry, the more costly it’ll be. Most professionals opt for socket trays, which can hold around 60 sockets because of their work character. But you might go to get a bigger tray if you’re a DIYer and do not use that lots of sockets.


Consider how well the socket organizer can fasten the sockets onto the tray. Some versions maintain the sockets securely in their position, and they won’t drop off even if you maintain the tray upside down. Other low-end versions melt the sockets once the trays have been knocked over or dropped. Most socket organizers comprise a twist-lock mechanism, which can be user-friendly and secure.


Socket organizers are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Go to get a durable structure that could stand the test of time and offer you a longer service life. High-end socket holders are made from aluminum, which can be durable, but many socket holders are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic lasting.

Other Considerations

  • Mounting Options: Some sockets organizers may be mounted onto a wall or hang onto a pegboard. But, it is not a deal-breaker if the socket tray does not have a mounting alternative but can secure all of the sockets.
  • Size: make certain that the socket planner can match your carrying tote or toolbox if you carry your gear to get the job done. As an alternative, you might go for a huge drawer fit for your own garage where you keep all of your other tools. But a huge socket organizer could be thicker, costly, and not as portable.