“My HDD is working just fine. Why do I need to change it for something new? If it’s working, don’t fix it”

“The SSDs are a new technology and are not yet reliable enough to store your data on”

“I’m not doing video editing or any other serious tasks on my computer. I don’t need those speeds”

and finally…

“Have you seen how much these things cost?!”

Still not sure whether you need this new thing everyone’s talking about – Solid State Drive? Not sure if they are worth the asking price? THINK NO MORE! We compiled a list of top 5 reasons you should upgrade to SSD right now. See below.

1. SSDs are faster. MUCH faster

1. SSDs are faster. MUCH faster

You don’t need to be doing any professional work on your PC to enjoy the benefits of increased speed. All your daily tasks – from booting your computer and launching your favorite apps and games, to installing new software will run so much smoother you will never consider using traditional HDD again.

We could stop RIGHT HERE. Seriously. The overall responsiveness of the system and smoothness of operation that installing an SSD drive brings are already a GOOD ENOUGH REASON to upgrade your storage. However, there are 4 more reasons to swap your hard drive for a new shiny piece of technology.

2. SSDs are dead SILENT and COOL

HDDs have always been one of the biggest noise- and heat-generators in the system. Install SSDs and enjoy the… well, your computer probably won’t be completely silent (though my SSD-equipped Macbook Air is), but apart from the fans spinning, nothing should bother your productivity or entertainment anymore. SSDs also don’t get hot, no matter how many YouTube videos you are trying to save at the same time. I tell you – they are COOL!

3. SSDs consume a lot LESS POWER

Besides bringing your electricity bill down, this also has a pleasant effect of extending your laptop’s BATTERY LIFE.


Did you know SSDs have no moving parts inside? Unlike traditional hard drive where information is stored on a spinning platter and is read by a bunch of special heads (guess how many miniature motors are needed to spin the platter, position the heads, etc.?), SSDs use FLASH MEMORY to store information. What that means to you? Well, besides requiring a lot less power (as noted above) this also means SSDs are a lot more shock resistant than HDDs as there are no moving parts to collide, so when you DROP your drive or STEP ON IT, there’s a much higher chance YOUR DATA WILL SURVIVE.


With no moving parts and nothing spinning at 7 thousands spins a minute for years, there’s a lot less chance something will break and ruin your data. In general SSD should last TWO OR THREE TIMES LONGER than their hard disk counterparts. (You might hear some people saying solid state drives are not reliable enough yet and have a high failure rate, but you’ll see a lot more people saying they LOVE their SSDs and never had any problems with them. I, for one, have recently crossed a 1-year mark with my OCZ SSD installed as a system drive in my desktop PC which runs 24/7/365. My laptop also has an SSD and has been running for a few months now. And I use both a lot! SSDs are TOTALLY FINE FOR EVERYDAY USE. And come on – you need to do backups anyway!)

There are even more reasons why solid state drives rock, but hopefully this list helped you make up your mind.

Solid State Drives ARE expensive, but when you consider the benefits they bring, the price becomes less intimidating. And, once you see how much more ENJOYABLE your whole computer experience becomes, you would never regret the purchase.

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